ATC Expert Volunteers

We work with volunteers to advance our mission to design, develop, distribute and promote new appropriate technologies.
International volunteer stands on roof with Guatemalan volunteer.
Volunteers work directly with staff and community members to test and improve technologies in the field or help develop our organization behind the scenes.

Volunteers carry out our guiding principle of Radical Transparency by participating first-hand and sharing our impacts with the wider world.

You will experience a rich intercultural exchange as we collaborate with people from various backgrounds, perspectives and skillsets.

previous engineering volunteers:

Assisted a local solar business develop a energy-savings calculator

Designed/built a bicycle washing machine and corn grinder

Developed dehydrated food recipes with rural women

Taught a youth-honey cooperative how to make beeswax candles
Volunteer engineer stands with business owner and solar panel, clean cookstove in Guatemala

What is an Expert Volunteer?

An Expert Volunteer is a skilled professional with a minimum of 2 years experience in their field. Their skills are from a wide range of fields including: Engineering, Industrial Design, Architecture/Building, Sustainable Agriculture, Permaculture, Sustainable Development, Anthropology/Sociology, Bio-Sciences, etc.

This program brings skilled professionals into contact with the realities of international grassroots development work. Whether working digitally or on the ground in Michigan or Guatemala, expert volunteers are an essential part of our team and our impact.
We define specific project objectives according to your expertise and time commitment and our most urgent needs. Volunteers need to be self-directed and motivated to accomplish tasks independently and ask questions regularly. Expert Volunteers in Guatemala must have intermediate Spanish language skills and a minimum 1-3 month commitment.

Expert Volunteers contribute to sustainable development through in-kind donations: your time, skills, and knowledge. Expert Volunteers fund their own accommodations, transport and meals - we take care of project planning and materials, orientation, and help find you a homestay.

how to apply?

  1. Apply to ATC by responding to the application questions below.
  2. If your application is accepted, an online meeting with the Executive Director will be organized to agree upon a project based on your skills, experience and local needs.
  3. Write a project proposal based on our conversation that describes the process of your project including objectives, deliverables, time frame, needed materials and tools, and any foreseeable challenges.
  4. Work from home, or arrive in Guatemala to implement your project.
  5. Expert Volunteers receive recognition for their contribution to sustainable development. Depending on your institution's policy, we are willing to sign-off on academic credit, research or internship credits.

ATC engages local communities and empowers women to improve their own lives. They do this work on a shoe string and yet have had a tremendous impact. When women's lives improve so do the lives of their children; the entire community benefits for generations to come. I can't think of a better way to invest my resources. In Guatemala a little goes a very long way.

Formative Evaluation Research Associates


We're happy to answer questions and share more details on upcoming projects.
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