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Why solar for empowerment?
In remote parts of western Guatemala, many communities lack reliable and affordable electricity. This means the school has no power to light classes on dark days or to supply power for computers.

• Monthly electricity bills are beyond reach for many families, leaving the poorest communities in the dark.

• Training people in solar installation empowers them invest in generating their own clean energy and save money

• Electrifying community buildings increases their capacity to serve their communities in education, income generation and community organizing.
Únase a nuestro programa de voluntariado para ayudar a las comunidades guatemaltecas
Únete a nuestros voluntarios en Guatemala
Volunteer with the Community
Of all the opportunities to volunteer abroad, ATC’s solar volunteering program is set apart by integrating solar training with intercultural collaboration at the grassroots.

International volunteers learn about solar power and work hand-in-hand with local citizens to install solar power on a community service building. The local and international volunteerism in the project develops a deep sense of cross-cultural, people-powered collaboration.
What to Expect
Learn about electrical circuits and solar power in a hands-on workshop introducing the group to solar technology. Basics covered, work alongside field technicians and community members to install the solar power system.
eat local
Eat local meals and gain insight into an indigenous Latin American culture. Connect with the community outside of work. Our staff and community partners speak the Mayan languages Kakchiquel, Tzutujíl and K’iche’.
Nuestros proyectos solares proporcionan energía a muchos miembros de la comunidad.
¡Visite lugares emblemáticos de Guatemala durante su viaje de voluntariado!
You’ll experience the Mayan way of life, intact here in the Guatemalan highlands. Weaving traditional textiles and making tortillas from corn raised on their fields, you’ll have a chance to connect on a deeper level.
You’ll take the time to visit the gorgeous Lake Atitlan and its surrounding volcanoes. On the way home, you can check out Antigua Guatemala, a World Heritage site and former capital of Latin America.
Learn about the experience from the volunteers themselves!
How to Join

There are three financial contribution options for your volunteering time in Guatemala:

• Hostel Dorm Room for $1,250.00
• Double Occupancy Room for $1,450.00
• Single Occupancy Room for $1,550.00

Each financial contribution covers basic needs for 10 days in Guatemala including:

• Your in-country transport

• meals at approved restaurants

• clean and comfortable accommodations

• a translator and guide.

• Plus, it helps cover the cost of solar equipment, educational materials, technical staff and project logistics.

We can tailor projects for organized groups of 10-12 people.

Contact us through the form below or email info@apptechdesign.org to receive additional information and forms.

Your participation is confirmed with your completed forms and $200 non-refundable deposit. We need your donation in full two months prior to your project.

Volunteering signup
Volunteer with us!

Solar projects are scheduled 3 times a year to bring individual volunteers together to sponsor a community project. Organized groups of all ages have sponsored solar projects, from Girl Scouts and university groups, to co-workers and friend groups.

Vea los lugares de interés de Guatemala cuando sea voluntario
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