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ATC Startups

Collaboration for Community-Driven Development
ATC helped incubate these green technology businesses with strategic advising.

2020 | Mayan Power & Light

A non profit association for access to affordable, environmental solutions to poverty in Guatemala. MPL spurred from over 10 years of community projects between ATC and partner organizations, staff, beneficiaries, and local development experts formed the Mayan Power and Light non profit to self-sustain social programs with solar installation, water filtration and social business coaching services for all Guatemalans.

2019 | Solar Technology for the Developing World

Backed by the USA Department of Energy award, ATC supported the start-up of Solar20 - partnering with Yale University and Makerworks, Ann Arbor to design durable solar kits that last up to 20 years in underserved communities.

2014 | Appropriate Energy Solutions

Together, SEA and ATC developed a Last Mile distribution pathway by training rural women in Guatemala in solar technology and entrepreneurial skills. Still in operation, SEA has installed solar power on homes, schools and businesses across the western highlands of Guatemala.