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Thanks to the support of our loyal donors, we will reach 120 small businesses with webinars on sales and operations strategies to adjust to new conditions in Guatemala arising from the COVID pandemic.

Expert consulting is not accessible nor affordable for struggling rural businesses. Giving them support to sustain themselves is essential for their families and communities. We can help small businesses continue providing relevant goods and services throughout this crisis. Small class sizes of 15 participants enables our coach to direct the sessions towards specific needs and concerns.

Knowing that rural businesses in Guatemala are not familiar with online meetings and other communications, we're making sure they aren't left behind by familiarizing them with the free services on Google Meet, providing tips on etiquette and strategies to reach more clients with online services.

But they need more than that, Saul Canastuj, MPL's Business Coach reframes the economic crisis by getting participants to acknowledge the new spending patterns that are occurring. With thousands out of work, many are investing in their own small businesses, requiring supplies and services that current businesses can provide for.

by Monika Goforth

Executive Director

MA Social Change and Development, Food Security