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Join us on March 20th, 10:00 AM at Maker Works in Ann Arbor to learn about the latest in solar power. John Barrie, Founder of the Appropriate Technology Collaborative will introduce you to the concepts and realities of residential solar power.

Going Solar will cover how solar works, solar hardware, how to get the most out of your solar power system and what to expect from a solar contractor.


• Introduction to solar • Grid connected solar

• Battery power

• Nuts and bolts

• Solar hardware

• Local resources

• What to ask your contractor

• What to look for in a contractor proposal

• Next steps

Covid Precautions: Going solar classes are held at Maker Works in Ann Arbor. Covid precautions include cleaning of all contact surfaces prior to your arrival, measuring your temperature, required hand washing upon arrival, and very limited seating. 

Your Instructor: John Barrie is an Architect and Industrial Designer with 30 years experience designing solar power systems. John has contributed his talents to renewable energy and green building projects in the USA and beyond including projects for the United States Air Force, Warner Bros Studios and hundreds of small scale projects in Southeast Michigan and Latin America.

Going Solar and The Appropriate Technology Collaborative are independent of any solar manufacturer or contractor.

At the end of Going Solar there will be a tour of Maker Works for those interested.  

John Barrie

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Architect & Industrial Designer