Spreading awareness and access to solutions that protect public health and the environment.

Addressing Global Problems

1 billion

People lack

2 billion

People lack safe
drinking water

3 billion

People cook over
open fires

Innovative solutions
at the Grassroots

By creatively using local, renewable resources, we can create a lot of impact with a small budget.

Our training programs, solar installations, and technology prototypes have already changed the lives of thousands of people.

open-source designs are available free for download to empower humanitarian projects worldwide.

For example, our Solar Vaccine Refrigerator design
was credited for saving millions of lives in India.

Inspired by the Desire to: 
Reduce Illness
Create Opportunities
Mobilize Disaster Relief
Respect People
Save the Planet
Innovative Technologies
Downloaded over 7,500 times in 44 countries

Collaboration for Social impact