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detroit solar

Empowering our community with solar education

What is Detroit Solar?

Detroit Solar seeks to raise public awareness about solar technology with the ultimate goal of helping more people to switch to this renewable energy.

We facilitate informational and hands-on classes to Metro Detroit residents who want to learn how solar power works.

With future partnerships, we can create practical field work opportunities installing solar power in the greater Detroit area.
Help us teach Detroit locals about solar energy
Going solar helps homeowners learn the fundamentals of solar energy

Going solar

Going Solar educates homeowners on the solar essentials such as how solar works, solar hardware, and how to get the most out of your solar power system.

Current status

Currently the Detroit Solar program is a volunteer-run program led by our board members.

More volunteer opportunities exist to support program development, curriculum development, partner organization relations, and program funding.

Contact us today if the Detroit Solar program interests you!
Detroit Solar is run by volunteers led by the ATC board
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