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Solar Dehydrator

What It does

The solar dehydrator efficiently dries a variety of agricultural products while protecting products from dust and insects.  Our solar dehydrator, easily built from locally available materials, uses passive solar power to capture heat and channel hot air through a drying chamber. It preserves herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and meats adding value to farm products, and widening their income margin. The dehydrator extends life in storage while maintaining nutritional value.

Solar dehydrators create opportunity for income with no energy input costs. Investing in a solar dehydrator can keep 8 rural people employed, able to stay in their own communities, and grow rural economies. 

Cooperatives of rural youth, women, agriculturalists, artisans and fishermen are a common strategy to pool resources to assist their economic development. ATC solar dehydrators are in use by small groups in Guatemala producing unique products for their local market like: organic tumeric powder, organic cassava gluten-free flour, medicinal teas, dried fruit bars, and dried fruit assortments.


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ATC & University of Michigan Engineering Students Design Project 2015

Karima Saddedine, volunteer engineer 2018


Rising Minds, San Pedro la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala

BigChange4SmallChange, Santa Catarina Barahona, Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Cooperativa K'ux'ya, Colonia Quixaya, San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala