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Small Scale Solar Power System

What It does

A small scale solar kit is affordable and effective for basic lighting and DC charging capacity for cellphones and rechargeable lamps. Here we explain the basic schematics of a small scale solar power system to introduce users to the necessary components of off-grid solar power systems.

Solar Panels, LED Lightbulbs, Deep Cycle Batteries (sealed or lead acid), a correctly sized Controller and, for AC electrical appliances and lighting, a correctly sized inverter must be included.

This document provides a glimpse at the content of our solar power workshops designed to break barriers to common social acceptance of solar technology as an affordable investment. Practical and theoretical skills absorbed by youth, university students, rural people, and community leaders aids social change to utilize alternative energy sources - abating carbon and overcoming energy poverty, a major obstacle to breaking out of the cycle of poverty.


Appropriate Technology Collaborative

Produced by: John Barrie


Western Highlands Guatemala