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Detroit Solar - Hands on Solar Education


Detroit Solar is for Detroit residents who want to learn about solar power, green jobs and business through hands-on classes and practical field work installing solar power in the greater Detroit area.  The Appropriate Technology Collaborative created Detroit Solar, a STEM based program to invigorate the local economy, improve the resiliency of local neighborhoods and create green jobs.  Detroit Solar provides locally based positive role models for Detroit youth.  

Help us pilot this inspiring training program to usher in a sustainable future for the next generation of Detroiters. Contact us to learn more about how you can help bring this educational program to kids in Detroit.


Street lights are out.  Neighborhoods are dark and unemployment is high in Detroit Michigan.  However, life is getting better in many parts and we can help bring light, education, opportunity and green jobs to support this positive trend.  Jobs in Detroit are still scarce but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts America's two fastest-growing jobs through 2026 will be solar installer and wind technician.  Help us create a sustainable future for Detroit and good jobs that pay well.


With our hands-on solar training we will help Detroiters qualify for jobs in the solar industry.  Every solar job will assure a person is out of poverty.  With higher incomes families and children get better education.  Children who grow up out of poverty are very likely to remain out of poverty as will their children.  Detroit Solar stops poverty now and for future generations!  Replacing non-working street lights with solar gives Detroit Solar students experience and makes neighborhoods safer.

Long-Term Impact

Education and safer streets together lift up neighborhoods.  Safer streets free up scarce City resources that can be redirected to other necessary services.    When a family gets out of poverty they have greater opportunity.  Kids start thinking about college.    Nonprofits that receive solar power from the Detroit Solar program will have lower utility bills and more money to dedicate to their programs.

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U.S. Department of Energy prize
2021 Energy Globe Winner Guatemala
Sustainia 100 2016