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The average American is responsible for about 18 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.  You can offset 1 ton of your carbon emissions by helping The Appropriate Technology Collaborative provide solar lighting to families that currently light their homes with candles and kerosene lamps.  Our program helps families improve their lives and see better at night.  Their kids do their homework at night for the first time and girls don't have to hike long distances to charge the family cellphone.


Human beings are causing climate change, largely by burning fossil fuels.  Right now the annual global average temperature is about 1 degree Celsius hotter than average. That's the difference between life and death for thousands of people.  In a few decades millions of people will be "climate refugees", moving from coastal areas to higher ground as sea levels and associated political and health crises rise.   We can stop this and bring hope and opportunity to families in rural Guatemala.

Every un-electrified home in rural Guatemala uses candles and kerosene lamps to see at night. These light sources are expensive and emit a lot of carbon and black carbon soot, both potent greenhouse gasses.


Every house we convert from burning candles and kerosene lamps to solar LED lights saves carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses equal to 2 tons of CO2.  Families see better at night and save money.   You can make solar power accessible to families in extreme poverty with your self-imposed carbon tax for flights.

Long-Term Impact    

Our solar LED lighting systems only need a simple battery change after 5 years.  The solar panels,  and LEDs are good for 20 years.  Your investment will be saving carbon for many years beyond our initial 5 year program.  Guatemalan women weave fabric and make handicrafts at night to sell in the market.  Kids do their homework, stay in school longer and get better jobs. Less Carbon = More Opportunity.  You make it happen.

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U.S. Department of Energy prize
2021 Energy Globe Winner Guatemala
Sustainia 100 2016