Carbon credit Partnership

Access to clean technology can offset your carbon emissions.

How Carbon Credits Work

Appropriate Technology Collaborative offers an opportunity to offset greenhouse gas emissions by supporting our environmentally-sound, humanitarian projects.

Offsetting your unavoidable emissions like transportation, heating, and electricity can improve quality of life for people living without basic necessities.

Reliant on rain-fed agriculture and firewood for cooking, rural communities in the developing world are hardest hit by climate change.

We partner with community leaders to deliver affordable green technologies that reduce deforestation, air pollution and disease.

Your partnership with this program provides essential clean technologies for rural communities in Guatemala.

Carbon Credit Partnership

Offset your carbon emissions with a recurring donation and receive welcome and anniversary gifts of ATC merchandise and keep up-to-date with the
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You'll receive a personalized certificate by email acknowledging your carbon offset.




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carbon Credits

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What Will Your Offset
Contribution Support?

Clean, Efficient Energy

We provide solar lighting to
families that currently light their homes with dangerous and highly polluting candles and kerosene lamps. People are more productive at night and girls don't have to hike long distances to charge the
family cellphone.

Forest Ecosystems

Efficient, clean-burning
cookstoves significantly reduce
deforestation and air pollution,
improve productivity (families
can spend 20 hours/week
gathering firewood), and
reduce respiratory illnesses due
to smoke inhalation.

Clean Drinking Water

In addition to cooking, families
use firewood to boil water to
remove dangerous,
diarrhea-causing parasites.
We provide simple, affordable
flow-through water filters that
are durable and non-polluting.

access to renewable energy

Broadening access to renewable energy for the world's poor is essential for a global society facing climate change. These proven technologies reduce pressure on natural resources when they are used at scale.

Your partnership enables us to reach thousands of people living in poverty.

Starting in Guatemala, we can reach over 10,000 people and abate over 1,900 tons of carbon dioxide in a single year and we are growing!

In the next 5 years, our network of local social businesses will reach beyond Guatemala throughout Central America. With your help, by 2025, we can improve the lives of over 120,000 low-income people throughout Central America while abating 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.