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3D Printed Stethoscope

What it does

The Glia Stethoscope decreases the cost and increases the accessibility of high quality stethoscopes
worldwide by providing an open source and peer-reviewed design that can be 3D printed anywhere.

The Glia stethoscope functions as well as the market gold-standard Littmann Cardiology III at less than 2% the cost.

Modelling off the 1963 Littmann design whose patent expired decades ago, we created a stethoscope that performs on par with the Cardiology III at a cost of $2.83 USD. To reduce cost, 3D printers are used to create several parts including the stethoscope head, Y-piece, spring and ear tubes. This device has been validated in a peer-reviewed publication. In Canada, it is produced by Glia as a Class I device. Glia holds a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.


Canada, Gaza and Worldwide

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